Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updates to the site

Hey all!

So many excellent things have happened within the past week! Thank you to everyone who has made these happen!

First off, the Folk Routes page on facebook has an amazing 450+ fans!

Also, I've been working on the website for 10 hours at a time and am attempting to iron out all of the wrinkles on the dummy site. If you find any issues on the website, please feel free to send us your thoughts! ( ) Also, feel free to send any suggestions our way if you have them!

Finally, thanks to Story, Cud Eastbound, An Historic, Squinch Owl, Zach Gallagher, Matt Fox, Kerry Poling, Mail Myself To Thoreau and everyone who attended for making Juggler's Meadow Fest 2010, Mallory's release party for "Strange Homes" so successful!!!!

Be Well,

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A bit more about us...

we fall somewhere in between a DIY label and a radical online social networking presence. we work with DIY labels, will help them get them to distros and such. we release some bands who are not already on a DIY label. we consult into economical and financially sustainable CD production and vinyl production. we will help you print t-shirts, patches, and other merch. we have graphic designers and sound engineers to help you out. we'll try our best to connect you with what you need.

we will run a mail order store(we thought about having credit card functionality, but then we thought about where that money was going and what for. plus, we'd like to live in a world without credit cards, so why not ignore them? doing something simply because its convenient is part of the reason we're in this mess anyway!)

the mail order store will be online, print out an order form, etc. the back of the monthly zine will also contain a catalog with a cut out order form. we'll have a p.o. box, and a compilation cd will arrive with every zine and other purchase.

so, thats the near future plan anyway. we're working on the website and zine 1 now. email us at and check for the website at


The Gist of It.

The Folk Routes Anarchist Networking and Distribution Syndicate is a cooperatively run and owned entity functioning out of Massachusetts. We provide outlets for radical bands, artists, thinkers, and livers to organize, get in contact, and disseminate information. While our focus is currently on the east coast, we will not be limited by physical space. The money we charge goes directly to the creators of the wares and music we carry, any supplemental charges are kept to the absolute minimum and are necessary to continue to provide our services. We run collectively and collaboratively, and insist on free downloads and open information in order to help break down proprietary boundaries. We do other things - work other jobs, pull other stunts, busk - to pay for rent, our own cds, and fill our bellies; this is not our income, this is our passion!

We put out a monthly zine detailing affiliated bands and artists, and providing a place for people to contribute stories/articles/comix/etc. We would love for you to contribute!

We are looking to open a physical space! This will include a venue for music, a zine library, a free store, community space...

If any of this is appealing to you or someone you know, please feel free to send us an e-mail (! We'd love to hear from you, and like to work with you even more.

(Please don't even consider contacting Folk Routes if you/your music/art supports sexist, rascist, ableist, ageist, or bigoted patterns of thought.)